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Crescendo Wellness: Holistic care from preconception to infancy. 

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  • 60 min Craniosacral/fascial balancing massage $90
    In this session we will assess what treatment your body needs at this point in time and work with a blend of modalities. I use many craniosacral techinques, visceral, and  fascial balancing to unravel past hurts both physical and emotional during our session. 
  • 1 hr Initial Nutrition Consult- Client intake and goals
    The initial nutritional therapy consultation is split into two session, each an hour long. This session will be going over all the paperwork you filled out prior to your session and discussing your goals, your motivation, issues you are having, and how best I can serve you. This session can either be in person at my office or we can arrange a time to chat via phone or GoogleHangout. 
  • 30 min Follow up nutrition check in $45
    Follow ups are crucial to monitoring how you are doing with the protocols set in place and to assess need for changes along the way. Follow ups are usually 3 weeks after your functional assessment and will primarily be a check in for how you are adhering to plan, additional support/resources, and checking in on healing, testing what is working and what is not, etc.
  • Restorative Exercise- Initial Private Session 75 mins $90
    Your first session of Restorative Exercise we will spend an extra 15 minutes together discussing your needs and goals. I will ask you to complete a survey before the session as well to gain further insight into what your needs are. If you decide to purchase a package of 4 private sessions ($295) You will receive a welcome kit of a half dome and yoga strap. 
  • Restorative Exercise- Initial Private Google Hangout Session 75 mins $90
    Private sessions of Restorative Exercise are available via Google Hangout as well as in person. If you choose this option I will send you a list of props that are helpful to have. Packages of 4 ($295) receive a half dome and yoga strap. 
  • 1 hr Restorative Exercise Private Session $90
    Individual private session in Restorative Exercise that is tailored to your needs. We will figure out what is most pertinent to your health now, set goals, and have accountability for them with check ins set before you leave. 
  • 1 hr Restorative Exercise- Private Google Hangout Session $90
    Same as a private session in my office, but in the comfort of your own home. We will still set goals and have checkins scheduled for accountability. 



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